Projects I have Completed

These are just a few of the projects that I have completed.


Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation

They had a website and it had fallen into disarray due to multiple change in staff.  Some of the plugins and options of the site no longer worked and caused many issues on the site.  It was decided by their board to completely redesign the site with a fresh copy of WordPress and start from scratch.  I reworked the site from the ground up and put in all the new technology and options to provide them with a easy to manage and easy to use site for the user.

The Mystic Tie Lodge

The Mystic Tie Lodge had a very simple website builder site with little to no functionality. It had many broken links and hadn't been updated in a long time.

The system incorporates many of the newest technologies and social media that allows them to post once and it filters to all their social media sites with one click.

We also built and tied together a MailChimp email list newsletter system where people that visit their site can not only signup for their mail list but can also read all of their old newsletters.

Click here to view the Live Web Site


Hobart Republican Party

The Hobart Republican Party had a very simple website builder site with little to no functionality. We have built them a state of the art site and included a shopping cart system so they can start to sell their shirts and products.

They liked the site so much they invited Latisha and I to join the Hobart Republican Party, we were then voted in as the Media Directors.

Please click here to see the full page and details with before and after picture

Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Indiana

I was contacted by the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Indiana to redesign their outdated website.  The website was done in frontpage which hasn’t been supported in a number of years.  They wanted to bring things up-to-date as well as offer new features.

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Ghostly Photographs

I was contacted by Julie Griffin on September 18, 2017.  She found me on another site I had designed.  She was thinking of having her site redone it had grown stale and had not been updated in a couple years.   She wanted to take advantage of Social Media and new technology that wasn't available when she first had her site designed.

To see the full page with before and after photos please click here

ADA IT Data Center Rewiring Project

We have been trying to get the time for  last two years to rewire the server room.  This project would be a large undertaking when you consider the amount of equipment we have in our data-center. We spent several weeks planning the even and then more time to consider all the tasks we wanted to accomplish with the reorganization of the data center.

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