Christopher Urban

To whom it concerns,

I am writing to express my support for, and confidence in, Ron Garrison as a Systems Engineer.  I have worked with Ron for the past two years, during which he has personally been involved with implementing over thirty projects in support of healthcare IT at Anthelio Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Many of these projects required Ron to take a project management and implementer role.  This shows Ron’s flexibility and diverse skillset, as he is equally talented in the technical and build portions of projects, as well as providing a leadership and a point of contact role for the server team.  This last skillset is particularly impressive, given the wide array of other service lines, vendors and clients that are involved in implementing projects in the healthcare industry, each with their own concerns, specialties and understandings of how a project should be implemented.  Ron is easily able to communicate with all of them in a manner that is both professional and colloquial.

The healthcare industry in particular demands accuracy and efficiency.  Server systems must be designed and built appropriately the first time, as it could potentially impact patient care if done incorrectly.  IT support is all about preparation for the foreseen and reaction to the unforeseen.  Ron’s projects go smoothly and when there are unforeseen issues to work through, Ron can be counted on to come up with a solution.  His diverse background makes him a good reference for multiple service lines to run solutions by.

Ron’s skillset is matched only by his determination and work ethic.  There have been multiple times where I received project update e-mails time-stamped from him long after business hours.  He thrives in a high-demand environment and always rises to the challenge.  Other project administrators and I consider Ron to be a workhorse, and earmark the more complex and technical projects for him versus other contractors.  He always turns these around well within deadlines.  He even has a knack for long, drawn out projects and was integral to the successful implementation of a data center relocation project that took place over the course of a year which involved the migration of over 100 servers.  These virtual and physical servers needed to be prepped, have downtimes planned and communicated, and then finally migrated, re-addressed and have software updates applied to them to meet new demands and compliance standards.  Ron led the effort in all this coordination, and pulled it off successfully and under-budget.

Please contact me if there are any questions surrounding Ron’s experience, skillsets and personality.  He is a wonderful engineer to work with and has never let anyone on our team down.  While losing him would be a great loss to our team, I understand and commend his initiative to move on to the next stage in his career.

Christopher Urban
Sr. Systems Engineer