Website Portfolio

Please take the opportunity to see some of the many websites that I have created or redesigned and maintain.

A Palmer’s Paving

A Palmer’s Paving had no web presence when we started the project.  They now not only have a full web-presence but they also have an active Facebook page and users send in requests for quotes right thru the website.

AAA Sewer & Drain Cleaning, INC

When we began this project the customer had an SEO company doing their site and it was actually pointing to which made no sense considering they were not plumbers.

Acorn Oaks Campground

When I took over the site for Acorn Oaks Campground they had a very basic text only website.  We built a custom site for them as well as a Facebook presence

Angola Lodge NO. 236

Angola Masonic Lodge had a website they had issues with the way the site worked and found it very difficult to update and maintain the site.  We redesigned the site using WordPress and they now have full control over their site and can easily change and maintain the site.

Arthur Garrison Memorial

This site is to remember the man, the myth the legendary Arthur Garrison. Please enjoy the pictures we have of Art, the scrolling messages below are just parts of the memorials that have been left for the family to remember Art.

Babe’s Pizza

Babe’s Pizza had no online presence.  We created their website and attached their Facebook and google maps sites and then created them an online menu system.

Bad Dog IT Consulting, LLC

Delivering Quality Technology Services & Solutions to Businesses Since 2000 Bad Dog IT Consulting was founded in 2000 by Ronald Garrison. With over 20 years in the industry, he maintains multiple major industry certifications and is well-versed in IT management. Ron’s belief in superior customer service has earned a solid reputation of integrity and quality.

Bad Dog Web Hosting & Design

Bad Dog Web Hosting was founded on the belief and principle that all small business should be entitled to affordable web hosting. It is this belief and commitment to our customers that has quickly made Bad Dog Web Hosting one of the premiere “Internet Presence Providers” to be found anywhere on the Internet today. You […]

Benchwarmer’s Grille

Benchwarmer’s Grille is a new restaurant in Portage Indiana opening in May 2021.  They have been around for a while with their Food Trailers at fairs and such, Famous for their fried vegetables and pretzels.  Allen & Christy Neyhart are the owners, Allen has been a friend of the family for years so I jumped […]

Bonnie Bacon

A local bartender that has a large Facebook following and writes stories about her customers.  The site was fun and her stories are read often.

Brown Dog Promos

Brown Dog Promos had a website however they had multiple issues with the way the site functioned as well as not being able to update the site easily.  By utilizing WordPress they now have a very functional site that the customers can use and they can maintain and update with very little difficulty.

Caleb S. Johnson Law, LLC

This was a brand new law Practice so everything website, Facebook and SEO was all from scratch.  The site is visited very often and the information is kept up to date and fully managed by us.

Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation

They had a website and it had fallen into disarray due to multiple change in staff. Some of the plugins and options of the site no longer worked and caused many issues on the site. It was decided by their board to completely redesign the site with a fresh copy of WordPress and start from […]

Didonna Crafts

Didonna Crafts Homemade Crafts, Crafting Classes, Private Parties & Wine Events North Judson, Indiana

Elements Acupuncture, Ltd.

Elements Acupuncture, Ltd.

This was a complete redesign of her site.  We tied it into her social media and converted the old site into an easier format for her to manage and update.  She is going to begin blogging on the site again as well as offering specials and such. The site talks all about the process and […]

Garrison Tennis

Garrison Tennis is a site for my brother who is a very accomplished tennis coach, he was named the 2016 ICGSA Coach of the Year for District 1.  He also lead the Portage Girls to their first title in 35 years.

Ghostly Photographs

Ghostly Photographs Julie Griffin I am a photographer, paranormal investigator, and psychic medium. With the hope of capturing more evidence for the existence of the spirit world, I visit locations reported to be haunted. This has led to many intense personal experiences, so I have many stories to tell. As the evidence photos continue, I’m […]

Glitter Girl Designs

Glitter Girl Designs is the site of my very craft Fiancee if you can think it she can craft it.  She does fantastic wreaths for all occasions.

Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons

Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons I took over their site that was design in joomla and no one could determine how to keep it going and maintained.  I redesigned it with WordPress and maintain it as part of my Duties as the Grand Communication Officer.

Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Indiana

Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Indiana Website I was contacted by the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Indiana to redesign their outdated website.  The website was done in frontpage which hasn’t been supported in a number of years.  They wanted to bring things up-to-date as well as offer new features. Features needed to […]

Hobart Republican Party

The Hobart Republican Party had a very simple website builder site with little to no functionality.  We have built them a state of the art site and included a shopping cart system so they can start to sell their shirts and products.  The system incorporates many of the newest technologies and social media that allows […]

Hope Restored

Restoring hope for individuals suffering from drug and alcohol abuse by providing a loving, structured environment along with rehabilitative programming and recovery support.

Iglesia Evangelica Cristiana Espiritual

When I started this project the customer had no Internet or Social Media Presence.  This particular project was very trying because the entire site needed to be in Spanish and English.

Island Girl Image

Amber Garrison Art Inspired by the Sea! WE TAKE YOU PLACES YOU’VE NEVER BEEN We know the island and the keys. We can choose the perfect spots to photograph you and make memories that will last a lifetime; after all we create art inspired by the sea…

LaPorte York Rite

LaPorte York Rite is my home York Rite lodge.  I designed a WordPress site for them after I became a York Rite Mason.  They had never had a website, however their lodge dates back to 1841.

Michelle Snead

Michelle Snead North Carolina Portrait Artist Portraiture – A Life Long Passion Beginning at an Early Age Michelle has been a professional artist for the past twenty-nine years, but her love of art extends much farther back. She was born in France and spent her childhood in Gastonia, North Carolina where her parents encouraged her […]

MiTi’s Small Engine Repair Service

MiTi’s had a free site by Wix they found it hard to manage and operate and it took them away from doing their work.  We designed them a full site and full social media presence.

Morton Company Inc

Morton Company Inc had a site but didn’t like it they asked me to redesign it and make it more modern and easy to navigate and show what they do.

Mystic Tie Lodge

Mystic Tie Lodge had a very simple website builder site with little to no functionality. It had many broken links and hadn’t been updated in a long time. The system incorporates many of the newest technologies and social media that allows them to post once and it filters to all their social media sites with […]

Official Mark Allen Shepherd Website

Official Mark Allen Shepherd website I have been hosting and maintaining his website since 1999.  I was the original person that put him online.  Your favorite non speaking but heavy drinking character from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, that’s right it’s Morn.

Portage Community Historical Society

Portage Community Historical Society  involved combining several outdated sites into one new complete site.  They are now able to easily maintain the content and keep the site updated.

SILA Foundation

SILA Foundation contacted me thru a friend that knew my work.  Their website was designed with a theme that was no longer supported so it needed an update.  They also wanted to take advantage of new technologies and make it easy for them to manage.

SSG David Nowaczyk Memorial Fund

SSG David Nowaczyk Memorial Fund needed a Website for their Fund.  They represent the Family of a Brother Mason and Shriner that was killed in Action while serving in the US Army during Operation Enduring Freedom

The Official Dennis Tracy Website

Dennis Tracy on and off I have hosted his site since meeting him in 1995.  Very nice guy and is a great stand-in actor and has done alot of work.

The Wine Snitch

This project started with the customer only having an site.  We designed a complete online presence and shooing cart systems for them along with social media and mailchimp email services.

Wanda Lou Willis

Wanda Lou Willis is a folklore historian who specializes in Hoosier folktales and historic research.  She needed a website and facebook page.